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Nektann lived, with the other Skakdi on Zakaz, in peace. When Spiriah visited Zakaz, Nektann, along with the other Skakdi, was altered. He gained elemental and vision-based powers, but it is unknown if he is one of the Skakdi who gained additional powers as well. He was also the leader of the Skakdi tribe for a time. Nektann once ordered a shipment of automated weapons from Xia. The weapons were then named after him, because he was the first to use them. Sometime later, Axonn and Brutaka asked Nektann to lead his Skakdi tribe against the Brotherhood of Makuta on an island on the Southern Islands in the Destiny War. Nektann, not being very convinced, threated to throw the Order of Mata Nui members in his Tatorak pen. Axonn lied to Nektann telling him that they had told the other Skakdi leaders to help in the War. Nektann agreed and fought against the Rahkshi.

After the War, Teridax took control of the Matoran Universe. Nektann, finding it futile to fight against Teridax, allied with the Makuta. Sometime later, Teridax released Nektann and his tribe to attack Bara Magna. After being summoned to Bara Magna, Nektann was defeated while fighting Tahu. Tahu melted Nektann's armor and left the warlord in critical condition, but alive.

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